Hair Installation

How to put on CLIP-IN extensions

You will need:

  • A hair clip - to clip the hair away after making a part
  • A tail comb (or your fingers) – for parting/teasing your hair
  • Hand mirror to see the back of your head
  • A brush - to brush your own hair and your extensions
  • Hairspray or dry shampoo spray

Before you start:

  • If you selected the 18-inch length, you will only have 7 wefts. The 20-inch/120g set includes 9 wefts. All other extensions will include 10 wefts. Lay the wefts out in front of you so you can visualize and organize where you will place the wefts on your head.
  • The extensions attach to your hair with small clips sewn onto the hair extensions.
  • Practice opening and closing the clips, applying pressure on each side of the clip with your thumbs. (They are similar to those metal “pop-out” barrettes.)
  • Make sure all the clips are in the open position before you begin and layout the extensions in front of you so you how many you have and where they are going to be placed. 

TIP:  Teasing the roots, or adding a little dry shampoo to the roots of fine hair can be helpful to help the clips remain secure.


  • Take your tail comb. Part your hair horizontally one inch from the nape of your neck and clip up the rest of your hair out of the way. You can opt to backcomb and/or hairspray your roots a little bit to help the clips stay in better.
  • Always attach the middle weft clip first. Slide the comb on the clip onto your natural hair and clip shut. Make sure the weft is securely in place. Repeat with the clips for the left and right side of the weft.
  • Check in the mirror to make sure no weft is showing and that all wefts are secure. 


Release the clipped hair above the part and make another horizontal part one inch above the previously applied extension. Take your hair clip and clip away your natural hair up and out of the way after you make your part.= 

  • Move up your head and do more sections, each time attaching the center weft first and then the sides.
  • Attach the smaller side wefts by making a horizontal part above the ear and attaching the clip in wefts as you did with the wefts you applied in the back.


  • Brush your hair to blend your hair with the extensions. Again, use a mirror to look at the back and sides to make sure your clips are secure and no wefts are visible.
  • You can also watch our YouTube tutorial video on How to Clip in Lovy Hair Extensions.