Care Instructions for Lovy Hair Extensions

Now that you’ve got the luxurious hair you’ve always wanted, be sure to follow these steps to keep your extensions looking their best. A little care will keep them in great condition, giving you a free flowing, full mane of hair.

  • Wash your hair infrequently. Since the extensions aren’t attached to your scalp, they don’t get very oily. Use a dry shampoo to absorb any oils and to keep the hair smelling fresh. Tip: Put a spritz of perfume on your hair brush and your hair will smell great as you lightly brush the extension!
  • Wash your hair extensions separately with a sulfate-free shampoo and use a hydrating, sulfate-free conditioner. Leave-in conditioners also work well. Brush extensions before shampooing to get out any tangles. Do not pile the hair extensions on top of your head when washing your hair, and massage only gently, keeping the hair fluid. Do NOT go to sleep with your hair wet. Make sure the extensions are dry and secured in a ponytail or loose braid to keep them from tangling when you go to sleep.
  • Use a heat protector product on your extensions before using heat tools.
  • Brush the hair a few times a day. Make sure to avoid the clips if you are brushing your extensions while they are attached to your head. Brush gently, and hold the roots/clips securely with one hand while you brush the hair with the other.
  • Apply any oil or shine spray away from the roots of the hair to eliminate your hair looking greasy at the roots. Focus your hair product on the hair from your ears to the ends to make dry hair look luminous and soft. A replenishing balm is great to apply to dry ends to refresh hair and give it luster. 
  • Lovy extensions are 100% Remy human hair that have gone through their own dyeing process. To further color treat your extensions, please consult only an experienced colorist. If the hair is processed incorrectly, or if lightened or bleached, you may compromise the quality and integrity of the hair and damage your extensions. Any coloring or dyeing of extensions is done at your own risk. 
  • Enjoy your new long, silky, and voluminous hair. Spend time caring for your extensions so that they will continue looking great.
With heavy use, (wearing every other day), we recommend replacing your extensions within 4-6 months. With sparing use, your extensions should last one year.