About You

Welcome to Lovy Hair! 

Have you always wanted thick, long, beautiful, sexy hair like a glamorous movie star? You know...the kind that you can feel cascading and flowing down your bare back that makes you feel positively gorgeous... like a princess?

But as we know, not many of us were born with that type of hair. And so we spent time searching for real, beautiful hair extensions to give us the look we desire.  But we've found ourselves always disappointed with the choices and so we head to the salon to get them, which of course, means spending big bucks in the attempt―but then we find our real hair gets damaged from the glue or wax they use on the extensions. And we're not even talking about the time spent at the salon to have the extensions glued or sewn in―it takes like forever. And then, after all that, we discover that some salons aren't even using top quality hair. Arrg! Frustrating!

And many of us have found that the lower quality extensions, you know―the ones we can afford, actually turned out to be a total waste of time and money as they would shed, tangle easily, and the color never really blended exactly right with our natural hair color. And yet we've tried them all, even the ones advertised to be "best quality," but were never really satisfied.

But wait! We've been there too. And we reached the conclusion that we too, wanted the absolute best for ourselves and for all women―because we're all beautiful and we deserve the very best!

So we decided to start our company, Lovy Hair, to offer our own extensions, made from only top quality Remy virgin hair. Our goal is for you to absolutely love your hair! And we're offering  5 unique payment plans to make them affordable to everyone.

When you purchase Lovy Hair, you'll get voluminous, shiny, full hair that is of the best quality and that's easy to use. The multitonal color will blend perfectly with your natural hair color. Best of all, you, personally, can take your extensions off at the end of the day. How cool is that?!

Gone is the need for an expensive time-consuming trip to the salon to have extensions removed. With Lovy Hair, there is no glue or wax involved. You simply clip in the individual hair wefts or flip on the wire headband with the hair already attached to it and then pull your natural hair over it. You can check out our YouTube tutorials from our beauty blogger for step-by-step tutorials and style suggestions.

The Way it Really Is!

Prom Girl(s) will get long, shiny, beautiful hair that will make you standout and feel gorgeous on your big night! You'll look so stunningly beautiful in your photos it will be hard to decide whether your hair, your look, or your gown steals the show! 

Going to a festival with friends? Get our luxury extensions and rock those long, bohemian locks. So cool!

Beautiful Brides will have full, long, and perfectly blended extensions with our multitonal color and our pure Remy hair will have you beaming from all the compliments you'll be receiving. Wavy or straight, however you choose to wear your hair on your special day, it will complement your day and be the hair of your dreams! 

Attending Bridesmaids will have that natural looking, effortless, flowing hair that is healthy, shiny and glossy to complete that perfect bridal photo. Your look will be fabulous and you won't have to worry about your hair looking greasy or flat in pictures.

Thinning Hair? Transform your flat, thin hair into thick, full, shiny locks. Clip in your extensions in just 5 minutes and then take them off at the end of the day. No problem. Plus, your natural hair will not be damaged by using them. If you need a more conservative look for work, get your hair cut and styled when you are wearing your extensions and watch your confidence soar when you hear the compliments!

Big Date? Increase your confidence with your thick, luscious, sensuous locks. You can focus on enjoying and getting to know your date, instead of fretting over your hair. You got this!   

Our team at Lovy Hair is committed to offering the most luxurious hair extensions that are affordable for every person and every budget.

We are committed to giving you the best product and service. We want you to be as thrilled with our product as we are, so feel free to contact us at info@lovyhair.com with any questions, comments, or words of praise.