How to Be the Coolest Bride Ever Posted on 25 Apr 10:00


A 2014 Brides Magazine article said that etiquette dictated that you give your bridesmaids a gift. After all, they have spent money on dresses, shoes and plane tickets to be with you on your special day. The magazine suggested a gift somewhere between 80 and 150 dollars.

Which got us thinking of what a cool gift it would be to give hair extensions as a bridesmaid gift. With Lovy, you can get 5 sets of our 20 inch extensions for Fine Hair at $159.99 each and get 1 free. If you buy 10, you get 2 sets...

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PROM TIME: How To Save Money & Look Awesome Posted on 20 Apr 13:00 want to look great, you want to stand out but you have a budget.

The great thing about Lovy (and why we started the company) is that you can get luxury hair extensions, 100% human remy hair, on a layaway plan. You can divide the payments over 6 months, and do a one time total payout at any time. You can also sign up for our subscription plan and save 30% on every pair of extensions-and we'll ship them to you when they need to be replaced automatically, so...

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BRIDE'S DILEMNA: HELP! My bridesmaids don't all want to wear the same style dress. Posted on 10 Apr 12:00


You're a classic girl. You aren't having any kind of boho wedding and you aren't hip to the trend of everyone wearing a different bridesmaid dress in the same color. It's taken you ages to find the dress you want for your bridesmaids. You got your mother and your MIL to both like the dress and this took a sustained and thoughtful diplomatic effort. And now there are whisperings of a mutiny. You are hearing that some of your bridesmaids don't like the style and want to get a dress in a style they like in the...

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